What People are Saying About Katie Love



"Enthusiastic. Inspirational. Cheerleader with a cool edge...First and foremost, Katie Love is a blast to work with. She is smart, funny, efficient, and, extremely clever. Which is exactly the kind of consultant I need on my side. She brings my ideas to life through effective coaching and brainstorming sessions that are quick, yet get my ideas flowing and moving in the right direction so that I can meet my deadlines. Whether we are working on content for my website, email campaign or blog, she is extremely talented with taking draft content, polishing it, and making it ready for primetime while maintaining the integrity of my authentic voice. It’s like she has the secret “make it pop” fairy dust. Thank you, Katie!" -Tricia Olson, Founder, FitLo Denver

"Katie has been our primary freelance writer for web copy and blog writing for the past two years. She has met all of our deadlines and have delighted our clients with her writing. Katie has a wealth of knowledge in the multifamily industry and does a fantastic job researching/writing any topic given to her." -Shayne McCarl, G5

"Katie Love is a talented copywriter. She is a great communicator, very responsive and always meets deadlines. She has the ability to transform copy into engaging material. Over the years, Katie has helped to create email campaigns, downloadable guides and newsletter articles for our rental website's customers and prospects." -Diana Sievers Marketing Manager, Move.Com, Realtor.com

"As a writing coach Katie Love is the best! I feel like I can conquer the world when I leave a session with Katie. Her wit and ability to see the humor in circumstances can take my once-sloppy, disjointed story and turn it into something fabulous! Her graciousness even leads me to believe that I can do this stuff on my own ( I can’t, yet!). This woman was born to write. I feel fortunate to have this talent as my “coach”!" -Sandra Dee Robinson Media Trainer, owner of Charisma On Camera/ Actor

"Katie's writing extracted the genius from within my brain and forced it onto the paper. I have made leaps and bounds of progress since hiring Katie. I recommend her without reservation. Hire her." -Bart Baggett Author, Handwriting Expert, TV Host, Actor http://bartbaggett.com

"Katie Love is the consummate professional. Whether she is performing on stage or collaborating on a writing project, she is a pro. Katie is a super talent that shines through on any assignment. I have recommended her many times and she’s never let me down." -Joe Matamales, Animator & Animation Director, BrainForest Digital Animatics

“Katie is a great addition to my company....without her my show Wannabeme.tv could never be as successful. We all love her!” -Jackie Watson Watson Entertainment www.Wannabeme.tv

"I was lucky enough to meet Katie just after completing what I thought was my ‘final draft,’ which, as it turns out, was not the final one at all. Having Katie coach and work with me has brought out the best in my work. Her humor and timing is second to none, but it’s the way Katie brings out the best comedy writing in you, that makes her great as a tutor and mentor. This woman knows what she’s doing! Now, thanks to Katie, my work is ready for all to see." -Daniel C. Levy Creator, writer, actor ‘The Fall and Rise of Cadillac Dan’